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Introducing the first of its kind, fully integrated treatment for fibromyalgia

Finally There is Hope

Suffering from Fibromyalgia?

This system incorporates decades of effort to unravel the complex neuromuscular and bio-chemical effects of fibromyalgia. This system respects the fact that what undoubtedly began as relatively minor on and off symptoms developed into a complex set of conditions affecting multiple organ systems and severely affecting quality of life.

While other treatments focus on masking the symptoms while the condition gets worse, the overriding purpose of this protocol is to treat both the underlying cause as well as the effects on the other organs and glands.

Each case is unique to the individual and must be approached in a way that respects that individuality.

The intake, consultation and evaluation are exhaustive in nature and incorporate protocols developed by NASA as well as earning not one, but two, Nobel prizes in medicine.

After careful study, I sincerely hope that we find that we are able to help you. - Dr. Rider